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Chantilly Lace Bath Bombs  now available at Alternative Nails & Skin

All natural, vegan, locally made right here in Georgian Bay.

Create an at home Spa experience and soak the stress of the day away with luxurious oils designed to stimulate, relax and rejuvenate. Bath Bombs add emollients and softeners to your bath water that moisturize and indulge your skin. Add to your bath for a burst of fragrance, color and fun. Fill your tub, drop one time use bath fizzy into bath to activate the fizzing action, then swish fingers through the water until bath fizzy is dissolved hop into the tub enjoy and relax!

Vanilla Bath Bomb

Add to your bath for a burst of fragrance and fun. Lightly scented and no coloring in this particular bath bomb no major foaming just fizz. All natural, no chemicals, vegan and locally made.

Small     $1

Med       $3

Large    $5

XL         $10

Jumbo   $20 (For that Bath Bomb Lover!)

Rose Milk Bath Bomb

Our newest bomb to our natural collection. Scented with the aroma of sweet roses. This lovely pink bomb is not vegan as it was made with milk. Can be made up without milk chocolate request.

Available in sizes small to jumbo for that bath bomb lover!

Pineapple Bath Bomb

Who doesn't Love Pineapples? This bomb is scented with the sweet aroma of pineapples. you'll love this fresh scent as you indulge yourself into the bath water. Colours the tub water just slightly and wont stain your tub or your skin. Available in all size from small to large now XL and Jumbo 

Cucumber Melon Bomb

This is our newest scent for spring 2021! I wanted to create a nice bath bomb blend of essential oils to give that cool fresh/ clean scent for spring and I think I did it. This is one of my favorite scents and go to from the bath bomb collection and we also have it available in our very own natural hand soap and body scrub to boot.

After The Rain Bomb

A beautiful blue bath bomb that will gently change the hue of your bath water. Wont stain your skin or your tub, leaving your skin hydrated and silky feeling. This bomb is one of my favorites to use as I love the aroma of the after the rain scent very fresh and clean. Available in sizes small to jumbo.

Lavender Bombs 

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oil scents used in aromatherapy. It's relaxing calming scent will turn your bath water with a slightly lavender hue giving off the aroma of gentle lavender. 

Cupcake Bombs ​ 

Now introducing cupcake bath bombs! Looks so good you could eat it, with all the hydration benefits and No calories. Would make a great birthday gift, wedding favours, or bridal shower gifts. Ask for details if wanting larger orders.